Grebe class is a KS2 class for primary pupils. There are nine full-time pupils and one teacher with four co-educations in the class. Grebe's class uses Zones of Regulation to support emotional regulation and has experience supporting pupils with ADHD and Autism. The class environment is highly structured and supported with a visual timetable, a ‘check-in board’ for emotions and workboxes. Grebe class learn English, Maths, PSHE, RSE, Humanities, ICT, PE and swimming. Pupils are taught in whole-class groups, small groups and 1-1 support with staff. Lessons are highly differentiated and engaging to support academic development. Every week, we teach Maths, English, PSHE and Humanities. Grebe's class have ICT lessons once a week, alongside PE and swimming. Grebe's class also take part in ‘Attention Autism’ lessons to increase attention and focus. During the Autumn term, Grebe's class took part in Horse Riding.