Over the spring term pupils looked at the topic ‘Our world and the environment’. Owl pupils took part in a range of creative activities which included making wind chimes using a plant pot, string and beads. Learning to grow and care for their Daffodils and choosing what vegetable and fruit they would like to grow outside in our class growing patch. Pupils also created their own Easter bandanas, naturally dying their fabric, printing their designs and then using a sewing machine to sew ribbons around the edges.

Owl class also learnt about the Holi Hindu festival that celebrates spring, love and new life as part of their Religious studies. This celebration is known as the ‘festival of colours’, which involves dancing, singing and the throwing of powder paint. Pupils researched the festival and watched a short video about why Holi is an important celebration. Pupils later took part in their own Holi festival celebrations wearing a white t-shirt before completing a circuit of running, walking and jumping through different powder paint colours. These tops were later sprayed with vinegar to dye the cotton and create a t-shirt that celebrates the colours of spring, love and new life.