Robin class is a KS3 class with 10 pupils aged from 11-14.  We follow the National Curriculum and enjoy a wide variety of subjects on a weekly basis.

In the morning as our friends are coming in from the buses, we read with a member of staff.  After we have completed the register we do our daily warm-up from Go Noodle, this helps us to wake up and get our heart rate up to be ready for the day.  We will then share how we are feeling using the zones of regulation.  We will then do our morning lessons with a break in between.

At dinnertime, we either go to a sports club or outside to play in the playground before we have our dinner in the dining hall.

After dinner, we register and then go into our afternoon lesson.  We have a drink before we go home.

We enjoy learning different things in Robin's class and we always try our hardest in anything we are asked to do.

As a class, we enjoy sitting on the class beanbags and chatting with our friends when we have chosen time, but we also have a wide variety of games and puzzles to choose from.  We love listening to stories and when we get the chance, watching nature programmes.