‘A Message From Pam …’


Dear all

As I start to settle into the fact that I am not returning to work this January, I wanted to write to say a big thank you to all that contributed to my wonderful retirement presents. Your generorisity of not only the amount that must have been given, but also the very lovely and humbling comments sent, were very much appreciated. The gifts which included: a letter from Norwich City FC (plus a mention in a match programme), tickets to meet the giraffes at Banham Zoo,  a letter and concert tickets from my favourite singer - Ralph Mctell, a wonderful retirement cake, as well as a beautiful swinging garden seat (arriving Monday) were brilliant. I could see that a lot of thought and planning had gone into these, which made them very personal and,  as I've said, very much appreciated ...so "Thank you very much indeed!".

I am beginning to get used to a new rhythm of life, but I think it will be a while until I fully adjust to getting up by 7.30am, not having to leave the house by that time!! I  am looking forward to having time to: spend time friends and family, do some art work, get our garden in order, decorate the house, play walking football, get involved with local music groups, walk in the countryside and along the coast, go to concerts, visit lots of tea rooms and, of course, take advantage of non-school time holiday prices!! All in all, thankfully, I think day time TV will be very low on my agenda! I'm hoping the words of many already retired friends "When did I have time to work?", will become true for me.

I will, however, never forget my very happy, if often eventful, 11 years at John Grant School. It was great to have the opportunity to work back in my home county and to get to know so many amazing people. The pupils have always been the stars of the show, in the way they never cease to delight and amaze; but it has also been a privilege and a pleasure to get to know and work with the staff at JGS, other linked professionals, and, not least, the families and carers of our children and young people. You all do a great job (in often very challenging circumstances), all with aim of ensuring the pupils have the best possible care, learning experiences and life opportunities. I know you will all continue to: "Work together to be the best you can be" and I wish you all, all the very best.

Very many thanks once again for my brilliant presents and send off.